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from the Northeast Sectional Director

It is indeed an honor and a pleasure to greet you as the Northeast

Sectional Director of the National Association of University Women


The Founding members of NAUW Mary Church Terrell, Sara Winifred

Brown, Dr. Nancy Fairfax Brown, and Mary E. Cromwell saw the

importance of higher education for the advancement of women and

worked to promote it. That spread to serving youth and the disadvantaged

in our communities and developing countries.

We are a service and educational organization and are committed to

promoting the ideals of our Founders. The community service outreach of

NAUW includes the following areas:

• Educational

• Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU) Support

• Health Promotion

• Community/Political Awareness and Involvement

• National/International Awareness

Please support the "historic" Northeast Section of NAUW as we continue

on the pathway to becoming a ray of sunshine in the communities that we


Yours in service,

Deborah Myers Thurmond

NAUW NES Director



This region is proud to be called the "historic" Section of the organization since it all began in Washington, D.C. The  organization is incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia with its national headquarters also located in the  District The Northeast Section also boasts about its rich history of having the most national presidents of the organization.  To date there have been twelve presidents out of the twenty-three from this section. Dr. Hilda A. Davis, from the Wilmington  Branch is the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms. In addition, it was this section (Philadelphia Branch) that  hosted the Jubilee Convention where the original charter was updated and the National Association of College Women became  known as the National Association of University Women.


"Visionary Women Serving in

Unity and Love”

The mission of the National Association of University Women is to serve women, youth and the disadvantaged in our communities and in developing countries by addressing educational issues, advancing the status of women's issues, and strategically partnering with allied organizations.


(732) 771-4084

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